Police arrests Facebook user for conspiratory comments

Police arrested a mathematics teacher for alleging on Facebook that the 26 June beach resort attack in Sousse, which left 38 foreign tourists dead, was a conspiracy carried out by security officers. The teacher, identified as Abdelfattah Said, stood before an investigative judge on 27 July. According to Human Rights Watch, he was charged with complicity in terrorism under the 2003 counter-terrorism law. He further stands accused of insulting government figures for sharing and commenting on a photoshopped picture of PM Habib Essid. The picture, which was originally shared by another user, shows Essid holding a shovel. Said posted the photo on 12 July, along with a comment on a decision by the broadcast regulator to close a number of religious radios and TV stations. He said: “as if they [the government] are waiting and thirsty for the Sousse crime to happen, to shut down all sources of moderate Islam. As if it is a gift they got from heaven”.TunisiaAbd Al-Fattah SaidNational Security, DefamationAnti-TerrorismIndividualHuman Rights WatchFacebookpolice, Sousse, conspiracy, Human Rights Watch, Habib Essid, comment,3.5Aug 17, 2015Jul 22, 2015https://www.digcit.org/2015/08/17/volume-3-5-3/https://www.digcit.org/ar/2015/08/17/volume-3-5-2/http://www.radiosabrafm.net/archives/82123https://www.facebook.com/abdelfatteh.saied/videos/10200813288130544/ , https://www.hrw.org/news/2015/08/06/tunisia-journalist-blogger-facing-charges , https://www.facebook.com/abdelfatteh.saied/posts/10200827240559346?pnref=story